Things we won’t say about Race that are true

Once one has attained a high enough level of intellect to understand there is only one race, Once a person understands physical and environmental factors only effect the external human physical form , it opens the door to an escalator of higher understanding.

The only thing that matters is the one thing most tend to ignore.. The unlimited potential of the human brain. No one alive yet has come close to testing the limitless capabilities of the human brain. Understanding the human brain will bring enlightenment to the reality of what it means to be human, its existence provides unlimited possibilities, to a silent and cold universe. It is the canvas and vessel of our individuality manifesting our thoughts and feelings into reality as one comprehends it.

External appearance has no effect on the potential of the human brain.Environmental factors and Collective beliefs do put restrictions on how brain power is used or not used.. Intellect in itself has nothing to do with potential brain power. Human external form is an indirect product of what it truly means to be a human being, ignored by most except those who do not understand what is man.All the confusion on display about race and DNA is irrelevant to the truth. Humanity is biological entropy converging with endless probability. Lastly and least important, one simple reply to all the isolationist supremacist troglodytes. If you think you can claim superior brain power to another brain, it is you who has the inferior intellect.

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Written by wokeaf

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