The system is setup to keep you poor, dumb, and obedient

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Ethos Genesis (2015) is an updated version of the highly acclaimed 2011 documentary film ETHOS directed by activist Pete McGrain and hosted by Woody Harrelson.

Pete McGrain teamed up with Woody Harrelson in order to reach a wider audience, but the film had to be cooled down for broadcast networks before it could be released.

Our 2015 edit of the film replaces Woody Harrelson with Pete McGrain’s hard hitting commentary from the unreleased original, but keeps the material produced for the final release, as well as adding new footage to support this version’s more powerful conclusion.

This feature length documentary is intended for people who see that the current economic and political system is flawed and failing, but want to better understand how the current system works and why this is happening.

Pete McGrain takes you through all the different facets that make up modern society, including economics, media, politics and war, and emphasises the need for us to re-evaluate our ethos – our fundamental beliefs and values – and consider that the faith we have in our current way of doing things may be severely misguided.

He asks us to think about whether we should be supporting a system based on permanent growth on a finite planet and, ultimately, he proposes that we can choose to stop war, environmental destruction, social injustice and the future consequences of mass population surveillance by questioning the ethicacy of governmental and corporate actions and then using our power as the consumers within the system to stop supporting the system as it currently stands.

Ultimately, his conclusion is not that ethical consumption alone will create a positive future, but humankind taking the responsibility of the future of our planet back into our own hands will – if we then act on that responsibility and change our own behaviour.

The documentary features interviews from some of the world’s most influential critical thinkers, including Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, Michael Moore and Howard Zinn (to name just a few), as well as footage from some of today’s most important and successful documentaries, including:

Hijacking Catastrophe (2004)
The Corporation (2003)
Manufacturing Consent (1992)
Zeitgeist (2007)
The Carlyle Connection (2009)
Why We Fight (2005)
The True Cost (2015)

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