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Sky News cuts off former commander of British Armed Forces in Iraq during Syria discussion

Sky News abruptly end an interview with General Jonathan Shaw, former commander of the British Armed Forces in Iraq, as he discusses the alleged April 2018 chemical attack that took place in Duma, Damascus, Syria. He was saying that “Trump said he was about to pull out of Syria, and then a suddenly a Gas attack”.. then he gets cut abruptly off. They don’t want us to hear the #truth

From Wikipedia: The Syrian Government and its allies, Iran and Russia, denied involvement and said that the chemical attack did not actually happen and was staged by UK intelligence and their “mercenaries” in Syria as a pretext for foreign intervention.

Aired on Sky News at 13/04/2018 in the UK.

Assad says the chemical “attack” was 100% Fabricated. There was no attack, only a fake video showing an “attack”. 2 days later, U.S. strikes with no prior investigation on whether this was real. In a world full of fake videos, there MUST be investigations prior to reacting to a video.

REMEMBER: This same attack happened last year in Syria and the U.S. launched 59 missiles at a Syrian Base.

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