Google Is Always Listening, This Live Test Proves It

Hurry they might delete this video

I have been having this experience for about 2 years, but increasingly more in the past 6 months. At first I thought it was my smart TV because I would talk about a general category, or even a specific product and it would show me a commercial on the next commercial break.

For a while I went back and forth from thinking they are listening, to thinking I was drawing these ads to me with Law of Attraction, by thinking and talking about it. I’m a big LOA believer.

But logically speaking, it seems more valid that it is ad-targeting by listening to your talk, and of course watching what sites you go to, and your searches. Cookies are a b*tch.

Watch what you say. Google even has a specific audio page with a long list of recordings of you stored there. If you allowed that option, mine is turned off. #Woke

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