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Goldman Sachs report says Curing Diseases isn’t profitable for businesses

In other words, keep people sick to keep the money rolling in

Recent analysts for Goldman Sachs noted in a current report for biotech clients the unfortunate truth regarding cures for diseases. The unfortunate truth is that a cure for any given disease is often not beneficial for business because it is perceived that long-term sustainability and profit will suffer.

Goldman Sachs Analysts Suggests That Curing Patients Is Not A Sustainable Business Model

This news regarding cures for diseases and their perception about business was discovered in a recent Goldman Sachs report titled “The Genome Revolution.” Apparently, bankers are worried that helping people with disease will not contribute positively to their bottom line.

The report acknowledges the development of one-shot cures as a positive aspect concerning gene therapy, cell therapy that is genetically engineered, and the editing of genes. The report goes to state that one shot cures benefit people and society, but also fails to benefit genome medicine creators regarding sustainable cash flow.

An example of this was revealed by Goldman Sachs analysts when they used the company Gilead Sciences and their Hepatitis C treatments that have over ninety percent cure rates as an example. A third of their business has been lost since developing a new medicine that cures this disease in 2015. According to the report, the fall of Gilead Sciences indicates that cures can lead to a quick and significant decrease in the number of patients for a company.

The report also suggests that companies should focus on diseases and conditions that are becoming more common and are already occurring at high volumes to maintain long-term sustainability. An example of this is many forms of cancer because the occurrence remains stable and there is not a reliable cure. Additionally, the report suggests companies should always be looking to be innovative and constantly looking for creative ways to expand portfolios. Lastly, the report suggests that as more cures are developed, companies should look to invest in treatments that help cure the aging process itself.

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