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Cell phone spotted in old painting from the 1930’s?

A painting completed by the artist Umberto Romano in the 1930’s named ‘Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield’ depicting a meeting between the English voyagers and the Native Americans in Massachusetts might have been of very limited academic interest were it not for something spotted by eagle-eyed internet users.

Does this painting provide proof of ancient alien technology?

The painting depicts a rather shambolic scene with numerous figures clamouring around speaking to one another and gawking at the new goods on offer but only one of the many people depicted in the painting has caught the eye – a Native American man, sitting comfortably in a canoe and looking at a small, black rectangle in his hands which many people have identified as being very similar to that of a modern-day smartphone.

The presence of the supposed cell phone, many hundreds of years before the device was invented, has led to speculation among some people who have suggested that this is clear evidence of ancient aliens giving primitive humans advanced technology.

However, art historians say that the supposed mobile phone is more likely to be some other objects such as a mirror, a Bible or an iron blade which would have been examined very keenly by the Native Americans who had never seen such objects before.

It has also been pointed out that the inclusion of a cell phone in this painting would be a very unusual way of indicating to the world that ancient extraterrestrials visited earth and gave humans technology and knowledge. It would mean that Umberto Romano, the painter, had become aware of an advanced E.T.’s and instead of speaking openly about his world-changing discovery he decided instead to insert a rather oblique and ambiguous reference into a rather obscure painting.

For many skeptics, this explanation is not compelling enough to suggest that the painting presents any real indication of advanced technology in the past and it seems more likely that the painting is depicting another form of a rectangular object such as a bible or mirror.

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