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Bill Gates: “Millions Could Die If We Don’t Prepare For Coming Pandemic”

Bill Gates has joined the list of health experts warning of a coming outbreak that has the potential to kill millions within months. The Microsoft founder claimed to have brought the subject to the attention of President Donald Trump. Trump directed him to take the matter to the various Health departments. Loss of funding in the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US is expected despite the President’s admittance to the need to properly manage and contain infectious illnesses.

Gates to Trump: “US Needs to Lead the Way in Preventing Global Pandemic”

Bill Gates is the founder of the Gates Foundation, which deals with national and global health and education issues. The current state of health care, particularly in America, has the billionaire concerned. He has warned that even nations like the US would not be ready or able to deal with an inevitable pandemic. He believes that the deaths of millions may be the result of inaction.

Gates has stressed the need for proper funding and focus on vaccines and other methods of preventing and treating viruses and influenza, as well as better ways of diagnosing patients more quickly to contain the illnesses before they reach others. In a speech he gave to the Massachusetts Medical society he highlighted medical advancements being made in this field, as well as advising the creation of a store of treatments that will be needed in times to come. Gates expressed the desire for a Flu vaccination that is “universal” and covers many strains and has even offered up, along with Larry Page from Google, a 12 million dollar prize to be awarded to the successful creator of such a vaccine.

Gates also noted that another possible pandemic might come in the form of a bioterrorist attack. His urgent call to action is echoed by many experts who have been claiming for some years that a global disease pandemic is only a matter of time, and likened the death toll to the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Bill Gates has specifically called on the White House to ensure that America is leading the way in the fight against infectious diseases as it is unparalleled in its medical resources and the scientific method.

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